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The Pro Musica Spiritus Barsanti Project is a multi-year endeavour to create a thematic catalogue and complete-works edition for one of the high Baroque’s most interesting and underappreciated composers.

Francesco Barsanti (1690-1775) left a rich legacy of music, much of which has mouldered in the shadow of the works of better-known contemporaries such as Handel. It is the purpose of the Barsanti Project to bring this composer and his music back to the light so that the musicians of today can appreciate the full breadth and depth of his musical vision.

Documenting Barsanti’s life and music is a daunting task because none of his personal papers or letters have survived, and the few manuscript copies of his works extant are of unknown provenance. The most recent research has discovered 80 individual compositions by Barsanti, which can be provisionally catalogued under eight opus numbers (although contemporary published editions do not always include an opus designation and often disagree on their ordering). Thus the need for a comprehensive thematic catalogue and authoritative numbering system is apparent, and that is one of the two primary goals of the Project.

The other goal is to publish new, authoritative urtext editions of all of Barsanti’s music, based upon the best surviving sources and the latest research conducted by our editorial team. Each work in the Barsanti œuvre will be published as the editorial work upon it is completed.

Enquiries about the availability of the individual works, the thematic catalogue, and the complete-works edition may be addressed to Queries@promusicaspiritus.com.


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